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July 29th, 2019
This page is OUT OF DATE.  Horribly. It appears to be drifting
off topic (but actually contains valueable related information)
There are HUGE amounts of new supporting documents.

At some point, the Skript_Kiddie / Hacker / CLOUDFARE /
Spammers who created 8000+ Fake webpages with my
name and web material copied on them, will give up.
( I hope ! ) I will re- research data to update. lol.


 A long, long, time ago, and far, far away,
when the dinosaurs roamed the earth,
I was in grade 10, in Ontario, Canada.
An experimental study program was offered, that allowed students to
take time off regular studies to investigate any subject that they were
interested in. For example, if you were interested in building airplanes,
you could go to an aircraft factory, and study and learn on the actual
location. If you liked accounting, you could work in a real accounting
office. etc.
I was always interested in GRAVITY, since it seemed to be the final
frontier in man's scientific knowledge, --even Albert Einstein was not
able to incorporate GRAVITY into his theories of Relativity! There
was a comic book entitled "Prisoners of Gravity" which became a
TV program - either way, it drove home the point that mankind is,
indeed "prisoner" to gravity... Through
my Physics teacher, I was given an office at Atomic Energy of Canada,
Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, where I researched the libraries there
for information, and built a multiple motor driven gyroscopic lever
assembly to test the affect that "SPIN" had on gravitational readings.
Over the weeks at A.E.C.L., I exhausted the traditional information
sources and finally ended up looking at an obscure treatise in RUSSIAN !
I found out later that my office belonged to Dr. Stan Hatcher, the
President and Chief Executive Officer of Atomic Energy of Canada
Limited! He was regularly traveling across Canada, and around the
world, so it just happened that he was away while I needed an office.
Oprah Winfrey states, "There is no such thing as a coincidence", and
perhaps this is just one of a long STRING of happenstances on my
part, since eventually
I ended up working at A.E.C.L.! Long before
this Grade 10 project, I had met J. Robert Oppenheimer, **
"Father of the Bomb", project leader of the  team at Los Alamos
New Mexico, that constructed and ignited "Trinity",
the first Nuclear Bomb of mankind, code named "The Manhattan Project",
in 1945. Needless to say, I did not discover radically new information on
GRAVITY, but since then, I have always paid attention to TIDBITS of
scientific news that relates to gravity. Whenever I mentioned that I
was looking at "Gravitational Research" in the past,
any scientist laughed-- since there WAS no such thing.
For thousands of years, the traditional wisdom was
that GRAVITY just "IS", Get used to it- there is nothing you can do
about it! However, over the past couple of decades, there are University
and Research facilities around the world that now are clearly labeled
"GRAVITATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER", so that I now have the last
laugh! I have been using "Gravitational Research" for a long time,
often just to fill in a BLANK in a form that DEMANDS that I fill it in

with a CORPORATION NAME, before I can "SUBMIT" the form online !

In Switzerland and France, the large underground cyclotron at CERN ,
using 12 Tera electron volts, has verified the existence of the predicted
HIGGS BOSON ( also known as the GOD PARTICLE ) that also verifies the
likelyhood that the STRING THEORY and associated physics, may be
the key to future science. Einstein knew that Energy was equal to Mass
( E= mc2 or Energy [E in ergs] equals mass [m], times the speed of light
[ c ] squared, or, in simple terms, if you have a grain of sand, and want
to turn it into its equivalent in pure energy, you multiply the mass,
times 186,000 times 186,000 to get the "Energy" it would produce.
Obviously 186,000 x 186,000 is a LOT of energy, and a tiny grain

of sand, if converted to pure energy, could heat your home for a year! )
However, what Einstein could not know, is that years later, "now", we
know that with string theory, Mass = Energy is far more literal than
previously thought. The tiny, hard, round, "marbles" drawn in
diagrams in Chemistry and Physics books that I read, that represented
the PARTICLES that made up ATOMS, such as the Proton, and the
Electron, are now replaced with round, hollow circles of WAVES or
STRINGS of energy! Each particle, such as a Proton, or Electron is
made of building blocks that are a STRING or WAVE of energy, with
a different FREQUENCY. ( if you play a harp, each string has a different
note that vibrates at a different FREQUENCY ). So that now, that
HARD, SOLID, object of MASS, is composed of "energy" looped in a
STRING, with a specific frequency. OR,... Matter, or MASS, "IS"
Energy... MASS is not really a "something" that can be "converted"
to Energy, .... it "IS" energy... Also, with the STRING THEORY,
there are 11 dimensions, instead of the 4 dimensions we now use,
the X-axis, the Y-axis, the Z-axis, and 't' or time. For example.
Travel 4 blocks NORTH (X), 6 blocks WEST(Y), and go up 12 floors

in the building there(Z), at 6:00 PM(t), and I will meet you there. All
4 pieces of information are critical in defining a specific event. ( Meet
me - If you arrive at 10:00 PM, I won't be there, If you go 7 blocks
WEST, you are at the wrong building, etc. ) But in string theory,
there are 11 dimensions, and we primitive earthlings are only aware
of 4. Other new things happen in string theory. Our entire UNIVERSE,
with billions of galaxies stretching as far as we can see, is much like a
single slice of bread in a large loaf. On either side of our universe, are
other slices or BRANEs ( from mem-BRANE ) of parallel universes, that
we cannot immediately perceive. (search for Ed Witten, the new Albert
Einstein) GRAVITY, once thought to be a weak force, since we could
not "grab" it, turn it on, turn it off, bend it, increase it, stop it, create it,
etc. is now known to be a VERY STRONG force, however,-- it is the only
STRING of energy that is NOT locked on our 'slice" or BRANE that holds
our universe. Gravity, unlike all other strings, can drift off the BRANE

we live on. Thus, in 1945, when Oppenheimer, et-al, set off the first Nuclear
Explosion, and created a massive GRAVITY WAVE, the wave would travel
across other BRANES or 'slices' containing other universes, and notify
them all of our presence! This would be in addition to the massive
electromagnetic blast, still expanding outwards, that clearly
marks our presence, in 'This" part of our local Galaxy! Many "impossible"
events are now perfectly explained in String Theory. For example, by
colliding two high energy beams in a particle accelerator or cyclotron,
the explosion of the collision produces the CREATION of matter.
Particles are made out of thin air. ( for the past 100 years, the rule

Even more startling, researchers could create an explosion of energy, and
the particle would appear in a laboratory 1/4 mile away. In China,
scientists have announced creating mass 3 miles away from the
cyclotron. With multiple parallel universes, traveling from one
point to another "Instantly" ( Beam me up , Scotty) (ie, faster
than the speed of light ), 11 dimensions, and more, it appears that
'anything' is possible. I "Guess" that cracking the secrets of
GRAVITY is soon to follow.

I will be creating a GRAVITY folder on my website, .
In the "BACK" folder, WEBADD, where I "ADD" things to the "WEB",
I will create
 and the html ( hyper text markup language ) "PAGE" to view will be
 I will show some interesting information, such as the technology
used by the Egyptians, 10,000 years ago to move 100 Ton blocks
of stone. Or, the devices used by the creator of the Coral Gardens in

Florida. The inventor, who weighed less than 100 pounds, cut, and
moved 30 ton chunks of coral and rock, by himself, using a collection
of radio tube frequency generators, powered by a little gasoline
engine and electrical power plant. I had been reading about him for
years, but did not understand how he did it until I saw a photograph
of a small shed on the property. People said that after he died, all they
found were a number of old, 'useless' radio tube frequency generators,
in the shed... Once I saw the tube sets I understood exactly what he was
doing- the "old useless" tube sets were PRICELESS! The Mayans cut and
moved 10, 20, 30 TON and larger sections of STONE, often in jungles
where the soft soil was 25 feet deep - we could not make large stone walls
there, even today, since the cranes needed would sink 15 feet into the
ground! The Mayans cut a square cave, with about 100 foot sides, through
the entire Andes mountains, laser straight, with no chisel or cut marks,
on about a 30 degree slope, from the interior, through the entire ANDES
mountains, continuing on the other side, more than 3 miles under the
Pacific Ocean - over 4,000 years ago! We could not do this today, since

our machines cut round holes, and leave huge cuts, and over a distance
of 300 miles or so would drift off center! Ancient city walls all over the
world have blocks that weigh up to 100 tons, and are carried hundreds
of miles. We may be 5,000 years behind, but with the new physics of
String theory, GRAVITY, as the untouchable force that makes us
"Prisoners", may soon open up its secrets...
  Noting that all particles in an atom are "Frequencies", the inventor,
John Kenneth Hutchison, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, used
several tons of surplus military Microwave, Radar, Frequency generators,
Telsa generators ( see The Philadelphia Experiment ), to bombard a
small area with energies at different frequencies. He produced what
are known as the "HUTCHISON EFFECTS". *@*@
A block of wood would sink into a block of steel.
Metal would disappear or catch fire or crumble
and turn to rust. Things would loose weight and drift upwards
(anti-gravity ). All of these things were observed within a few blocks
surrounding the Twin Towers of 911. See or or search 'hutchison effect' on google.
NOTE: was reported to have LAPSED, and
to have been purchased by a voiciferous OPPONENT of John's
to seek out his supporters, and locate them. A typical WHOIS
search finds that the website is, indeed, no longer listed under
John Hutchison's name and address, so be careful when you
are "looking" at the site! 
I was
surprised that after a few
years of my supporting John Hutchison on, the
HUTCHISON EFFECT page and the Dr. Judy Wood
pages were completely ERASED a short while ago...  I believe that
directing energy of specific FREQUENCIES can allow anti-gravity,
and can release the STRING energies that make up matter itself.
This is likely the method used by the Egyptians to CUT huge, 30 to
100 ton rocks, and to lift them for miles to the constructions sites.
This is also how the Mayans could cut miles of mountain rock to
make a square, laser-straight cave, tunneling from one side of the
ANDES, down and  over three miles under the Pacific - over 4,000
years ago!

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Created on October 1st 2012, just in time for the END of the EARTH
( according to the MAYAN CALENDAR

CLICK HERE that ends around Christmas, 2012! )

(Update on Dec 13th 2012 --- so far, other than a few
"end of the World barbeques" I have not seen anything notable except
a "Mayan End of the World" SALE at a furniture outlet! ([Hurry, its
only until December 21st- If the world ends, you don't
pay a CENT! ] It appears that the date, December 21st, is the START
of an era of change, rather than a specific moment...
You would, of course, have to be blind, deaf, and dumb, not to notice

the massive, multi-billion dollar construction projects
around the world, that are totally un-mentioned in the world
news, that are being sped-up and increased at a frantic pace.
The complete LACK of any news or mention of these massive
projects, speaks louder than some lame explanation would!)

This website is a placeholder for the moment, until I get time
to compose the entire site. Unfortunately, I have LOST a
great deal of documentation over the years, so I would take
a while to find and collect most of it!

My thanks to the brilliant R.R. Hosbons, for inventing the

"Dusty" used between Robin and Graves, to give me a unique name
amongst hundreds of millions of web users!



**J. Robert Oppenheimer

HISTORY - Yeah- Right . . .

When Scientists at Atomic Energy asked me what I thought of
Oppenheimer, I told them that I would hate to be him - wire-tapped,
followed, harassed, Black-Listed, Monitored, under constant
24 hour Surveillance, etc. --  the look on their faces was
one of shock - what ? ! - simply not so - Oppy was a revered
Scientist and "public" figure ! What was I possibly talking about ? !
Yeah . . . Right . . .
What the public "knows" about Oppy is whatever the Feds
"want" the public to know - nothing more, nothing less.
There is an expression "The man who knew too much", and
Oppy exemplifies the concept. Much of what he knew, he
personally ( as would any sane, reasonable, human ) did
not agree with, but - "all is fair in love and WAR, and it was
indeed a time of WAR . . . "sacrifices" must be made, "Choices"
must be made, "The good of the Many" etc. . .

 Bits and pieces of information about the World War Two,
that pop up now and then, as documents are DE-CLASSIFIED,
start to show " the OTHER" side of what was happening in
"TOP SECRET" terms. Most of it is rather embarassing for the
people and the governments involved, as it shows immoral,
if not psychopathic behviour on the part of the people in

 One typical, tiny, teeny, little snippet of information comes
collectively across the United States from Nurses who were
attending Terminal Cancer Patients. They state that a group of
Scientists and Doctors would arrive at their facility, and set up

research around a select group of dying patients, completely
taking over their care, ostensibly to "test" new treatments.
ok. However, in every case, during the "treatment" and
intense 24-hour monitoring of these patients, the Nurses
heard the patients, formerly rather weak and sedate,
SCREAMING, until they died. The nurses were told NOT
to interfere in any way ( and mind their own business ).
 So what were these "treatments"? Snippets of information
show a Military program to TEST the effects of Radiation
poisoning and in particular, the effects of PLUTONIUM
poisoning and contamination, since the factories ( all TOP
SECRET at the time) had vast amounts of the Plutonium
powder sitting around in large flat trays. Of course we now
know that not only is Plutonium a messy Radioactive
contaminant, which will cause a rather bizzare death, but
it is a rather nasty "poison" in its own right. The Military
wanted "test subjects" to administer with  Plutonium,
so they could "watch" how it would kill Factory Workers

in the massive Plutonium factories, if they were accidentally
 exposed.  What the heck, the
Terminal Patients were going to die anyway, so who cares?
"Sacrifices" must be made . . . "Choices" must be made . .
"The "GOOD" of the "WHOLE" must be weighed against
the mere "life" on any individual" . . . blah , blah, blah.
The Nurses who had to endure listening to the Screaming
of their former patients, unto death, were traumatized
severely, since they had come to know and CARE for the
people ( victims ). END OF TINY SNIPPET . . .

 A couple of pieces of information come together in another
look at what was really happening during the war . . .
In Canada, mostly Female workers were in Factories.,
machining and  putting together bombs and ammunition
for the soldiers overseas. (( my mother worked in a factory
in TORONTO )) These were all made with COPPER AND
BRASS. I had the very heavy copper/brass nose assembly
for a large typical bomb. I took it apart to find an intricate,
finely machined, rather complex puzzle of rings, internal
and external, all threaded together so that a trail of black
gunpowder, that would be detonated by a set of bevelled
pressure pins, could be made to burn through layers of
internal rings. The layers were connected by a hole going
from one layer to the next - if you rotated the rings so the
holes were in a line from top to bottom, the powder would
burn quickly from the detonation points, straight down
to the bottom of the nose piece, and the bomb would
explode quickly after impact. However, if you rotated
each ring so the holes were on opposite sides, the powder
would have to burn from one side of the top ring, all
the way to the hole on the other side, down into the
next ring, then burn all the way around the ring to the
hole on the opposite side, etc., so there would be a huge
delay in detonation, until the powder burned through
every single layer of rings.
 BOTTOM LINE, -- this single nose piece, weighed 10 pounds
of machined, high-quality, brass and copper parts -- and
was just one tiny component of millions of pieces of
bombs and bullets and shells that left Canada - to be
shipped overseas . That makes tons and tons of high
quality brass and copper being shipped overseas - largely
by the "VOLUNTEER" "MERCHANT MARINE" - non-military,
non-pensioned, no-status, dedicated maritimers who ran
convoys of materials across the dangerous North Atlantic.
( who, after the war, were totally ignored by the Canadian
Government - no pension, no help, nada. thanks. now
just go away and fish or something ! )

   ABOVE : I just stumbled by accident, on a small Booklet that was in the Hallway at the Perly Rideau Veterans Hall,
     here in OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA.  It contains some VERY difficult to find-in-one-spot information and statistics.
     It portrays a tiny glimmer of the dramatic severity endured by the "VOLUNTEER" "MERCHANT" Marine ! Again,
     since almost all the sailors involved are dead, the First Person Accounts are getting difficult to find. I was very
     surprised to find that Justin Trudeau penned a forward at the front of the book - indicating a level of involment
     in "Canadiana" that most people would be unaware of! I copy the page "HERE" , since one-by-one, every single
     "LINK" on all my web pages is being VOIDed by the removal of the original material - If I dont capture it, it is gone.
     My thanks to John Boileau and the Tattoo !

 A great deal of information has surfaced about the
mathematicians in England breaking the German Banking
"enigma" machine codes - Something that Hitler was
repeatedly told was impossible...  However, the Germans
were doing the same thing, and on a regular basis, all
the code books had to be changed on the Allied ships
as well. Here is where it gets interesting. Statistics released
showed the "tonnage" of ships lost or sunk during the war.
What was peculiar, on the Canadian charts, was the
Square-Wave appearance of the graph - it was not a
typical wiggly line bouncing up and down with trends
in Atlantic storms or offensives of German U-boats - nope,
it was a regular, repeating, square wave - high for a while,
then low for while, zipping up to high, maintaining that
high level, then dropping for a while - totally non-random.
Then, we correlate that square wave to the CHANGING of
the code books - The Americans and British war ships would
all get new code books that had not been cracked by the
Germans, but the Canadians, and the "Volunteer"
"Merchant Marine" would, as sitting ducks, or decoys,
NOT be given the secure codes - this meant that the
Germans would continue to get lots of "decoded"
morse code transmissions, and would think that they
possessed the cracked codes. They could also target
and sink the "Volunteer" decoys ( Canadians ) while
the British and Amercian Warships would be safe. Thus
the Germans would be "busy" on non-military targets.
EVENTUALLY, the "COLONIES", the Canadians, would
get the new codes, and the tonnage lost at sea would
drop. Thus the "Square-Wave" graphs. Whoops, - emabarrassing
as hell - can't let that happen again,  and in comes the
"FREEDOM" of information ACT, @@ that curtails anything
that even has a remote chance of embarrassing anyone !
 Reporters regularly show "FREEDOM" information results,
with an entire document blacked out with a black magic marker
for 20 pages - only words here and there like " and",  "is"
"was",  " a " ,  "the",  etc. are not blocked out ! Hilarious!
It gives "FREEDOM" a whole new meaning. !
 Ah - back to the war.
So, in Toronto, Canada, we have a virtual army of women,
making TONS of copper and brass ammunition, being
shipped across the cold, dangerous, North Atlantic, to
"our boys" on the front lines. Enter more documents that
accidentally got released. If there was a shipment of
copper and brass munitions, leaving Canada, often,
magically, there would appear, by luck, a U.S. military
ship that was heading in the same direction ! The tons of
copper and brass ammunition would arrive safely on the
docks of Brittain, and be unloaded. . . The Canadian
ship would leave on its journey across the treacherous
seas, - however, the military warship escort would be missing...
AND, the tons of Copper and Brass ammunition would
be loaded onto trucks, and head out -- on its way to the nearest
American Naval base, where it was loaded back on a ship,
and taken to United States, where the Copper and Brass
was melted down to make the thousands of tons of
copper wire needed for the massive electromagnetic
separation coils for the Plutonium Factory...
 Meanwhile, back on the front lines, the Canadian
soldiers were constantly running low on ammunition !
Somehow, this kind of stuff never made its way into any
of the "HISTORY" books, that I had in school -
 (( on that note, my plumber friend discovered that a brass
90 degree pipe elbow that he used, went from 5 dollars
Canadian, to 70 dollars, and all copper and brass prices
skyrocketted. Apparently, all copper and brass scrap was
being bought by China, so prices increased. I knew immediatley
that some country, somewhere was building a Nuclear
refinery to make weapons, and needed the same "thousands
of tons" of copper wire, that was needed earlier, by the U.S. - -
Yup - eventually the "secret" asian, nuclear facility was
announced on the news . . . quite predictable . . .  ))
 More on Oppy and the war...
Canadians generally do not know much about "the BOMB" and
how important CANADA really was, in getting the materials
to make it.
 All the URANIUM used initially for the U.S. Atomic Bomb effort,
came from Canada.  Canada delivered enough Uranium,
to make 3 complete nuclear bombs. . .  but, wait a minute . .
Only a single bomb " officially " used Canadian Uranium - that
would be the "Trinity" test bomb at Los Almos, New Mexico,
widely published, and a major event in the current biography
of Oppenheimer.
 More Snippets of Information which surfaced -- As everyone knows,
the Canadians and the British Scientists were working closely
with the Americans in creating the bomb. Many British and
Canadians were working at the Nuclear site in the U.S.
 Here is where it gets interesting - the INSTANT, that Canada had
supplied enough Uranium, to make 3 entire nuclear weapons,
the U.S. quickly and quietly rounded up ALL Canadian and
British scientists, under armed military guard, and put them on
military planes that took them to the nearest airfield in Canada.
There are stories of a Scientist, at work in his office, approached
by two  military guards,( armed with machine guns )  and being told
to take only his personal items from his desk ( a picture of his
family, etc,. ) escorted to his living quarters, and again, packing
only his personal clothes and items, and being taken to the runway,
and put on a military plane. All Visas, Passports, Government
Identification, etc were confiscated. Arriving in Canada, in the middle
of the night, at a closed airstrip, he was left with his luggage,
on the runway, in the dark, and the plane took off. ! ! !
 My "Canadian" history book describes this as :
"The Canadians and the British DECIDED, on this date, to use
Nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes . . ."
 Ah, but wait, it gets more interesting ( real history, is, without
exception, incredibly interesting ) . . .
 While there is a great deal of information on the MANHATTAN
PROJECT, it is the information that is "missing" that needs
a closer look . .  The Americans wanted PLUTONIUM - which,
they had to "MAKE". Plutonium is a by-product of a man-made
nuclear reaction, generally does not exist on Earth - ie, you
can dig for, and mine, Uranium, in Canadian mines, but,
Plutonium is "manufactured". So the Uranium that was mined
in Canada, that could make 3 entire bombs, is somewhat
unaccounted for. There is Trinity, but what of the "other 2 " ?
 An American in San Fransicso bought an older home, and
eventually found, in a dusty corner of the attic, a CHEST, which
had clearly belonged to the retired Military man who had
lived there. Inside were strange blueprints and documents
and notes that were about a hitherto unknown atomic bomb
effort. ( This is all on the internet, if the Feds, the Gooks, the
Spooks, etc. haven't deleted it all! ) The Initial Atomic Bomb
design used two railway boxcars to carry the two halves of the
bomb (safely separating the critical nuclear mass! ) The design
was intended to be put on a ship, assembled, and steering
the boat into a busy ocean port of an enemy. This was
thought to be the safest way to deliver the nuclear device.
 At the naval base on the California coast, "BLACK AMERICAN"
troops were stationed for the dangerous task of loading ships
with ammunition for the Pacific war.  About 3 AM one morning,
an "accident" happened, and the ships in the harbour exploded,
causing a blast that people 120 miles away saw. Just by luck,
across the bay, at 3 A.M., a military crew happened to have
high-quality high-speed cameras running ( 10,000 frames a second)
and by luck again, a military reconassaince plane happened to filming
with high speed film, in the dark, at 3 am in the morning, from
above,  so the event was well filmed. ( by luck ).
An entire train had been loaded onto one of the cargo ships,
and all contents were cataloged - except for two . That ship,
after the explosion, completely dissappeared. Other ships were
blown completely out of the water. The 2 or 3 hundred "Black
American" workers on the docks were killed or dying, and the
100 or so in the barracks, off duty, were immediately told to
continue loading explosives on the incomming ships, and to
clean up the mess. A group of "Black Americans" protested,
stating that working conditions were too hazardous, and this
group was immediately
court-martialled, and sent to life-
imprisonment in SOLITARY confinement.... ( I guess they
never got a chance to tell anyone the story ! ) The documents
in the chest, found in the attic, mention that the mushroom cloud
above the nuclear blast at the Trinity test, was identical to the
mushroom cloud over the blast at the military docks in California.
 Very interesting !
So it looks like Oppy, et al, tested the Atomic Bomb in a harbour
just to see what the damage would be ( obviously- not enough ).
 That leaves the 3rd missing "CANADIAN" fuelled bomb.
Curiously enough, in a GEOGRAPHY class, we were studying the
different types of deserts around the world ( did you know that
the snowy, desolate Canadian High Arctic in the North, is a desert ?)
and we came across one glaring anomaly, in AFRICA. In a vast
section of fairly normal "sand" desert, is a large circle, stretching
for a few miles, of what is known as "the glass desert", and the
sand has been melted into a solid disk of glass. Now broken into
a vast field shattered chunks of glass, with expansion and
contraction forces, this huge area of glass defies traditional
geology. Unless you detonate that 3rd missing Atomic Bomb
in the middle of nowhere, and then all the pieces of the puzzle
fit together. I wondered what secrets Oppenheimer knew that
would make him a lifetime target of 24 hour Government
surveillance, and bit by bit, some of the information is becoming
known. However, I suspect that he knew much, much more, that
likely will never be made public.
Paper-Shredders are busy grinding away, as you read this. . .

As I said to Scientists at Atomic Energy - I would NOT want to be
him - particularly when you look at what happened to his daughter,
who was as brilliant as he was, and again, was Black-listed, followed,
wire-tapped, and generally harassed ( to death ) for her entire life.
Real history. Unfortunately , real history often does not have a
happy ending. I was READING the WIKIPEDIA.ORG page on
her, when some paid Political CENSOR, deleted the entire page,
stating that her life "was of no importance". I beg to differ. Her
life and DEATH clearly indicates that the U.S. agencies not only
controlled Oppie with an IRON FIST, but needlessly extended
that control to every member of his FAMILY ! This is an
embarassing revelation that the Government would like to just
go away and disappear! Their nasty treatment of an innocent
bystander clearly demonstrates the corrupt, limitless, extent
to which rogue, top-secret, un-monitored, "above-the-law"

Government Departments, can violate Human Rights and
Civil Liberties. No wonder the Censors continually scan
wikipedia and "DELETE" anything that is embarassing!



Note that the result of the inadvertant "leaks" of embarrassing
information, was the complete over-haul of the "FREEDOM
OF INFORMATION ACTS" of the United States, Britain, and
Canada, where a former request took something like
$600 and Six Weeks, now it takes $6000 and 6 months or
even more, since... the governments are cross-checking
to see if the information is embarrassing TO OTHER
countries and " OTHER" aspects of the war, that are not
immediately apparent in the document itself !







John ( Kenneth )  Hutchison

You can read a bit more about John Hutchison on the page

(and read about Dr. Judy Wood )


Above I mention that some Government CENSOR went
in and DELETED the entire page of "HISTORY"
on Oppenheimer's Brilliant daughter, TONI. The same team
of spin-Doctors went in and DELETED the wikipedia
pages on John Hutchison and Dr. Judy Wood - this time
with NO explanation at all, and substituted a continually
changing, hastily and sloppily composed page on a

John Hutchison in Toronto, of a hundred years ago! The
article is patched and changed as someone goes through
old archives to find who this irrelevant person was!
It is hilarious to see his biography CHANGE as whomever
is researching, CHANGES his resume constantly, as
more "REAL" information replaces the fabricated
details. - This same group of Censors DELETED the
entire page on his daughter TONI, stating that her life
was "of no importance", and at the same time ADDED

a complete page on some guy no one cares about,
and who is really, REALLY, of "NO IMPORTANCE",

to obfuscate searches for the current, world-changing,
highly important, living, ( I hope - since he has
disappeared over the last couple of years ) John
Kenneth Hutchison . . . .

My personal "take " on this is :

John gained international attention by bombarding materials with
FREQUENCIES generated by Military Surplus equipment in his
apartments ( to the tune of about 6 tons ). Radar, Tesla coils,
Frequency Generators, etc. abound.

Since the fundamental componenets of " MATTER " are just
" FREQUENCIES " his experiments caused 'impossible' effects,
since steel would burn, things would float in the air etc.

Many scientists witnessed these things.

The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex (Feds, Spooks, Gooks, MIB, etc.)
were absolutely interested. They re-created his entire apartment
full of tons of Military Equipment, to study the effects themselves.
- - - nothing worked - - - . You take a group of incredibly brilliant,
"experts", and give them used equipment from the 1950's, 1960's,
1970's etc. and tell them to "replicate the impossible".


(( interesting tidbit. . .  As a new, "Junior" lab guy, at Atomic Energy,
I was given the task of using an entire 3 ring binder of instructions
to "ZERO" a machine - a massive monster with steel cabinets filled
with rack-mounted modules, each loaded with hundreds of precision
dialled variable resistors. What I did not know, was that no one,
ever, including the people that MADE the machine, had ever
"ZEROED" the machine. This is because every dial you turned on
every module on every cabinet was "ANALOG" ( not digital ) and
if you perfectly Zeroed ( an electrical meter would show 0.0000 volts
output ) the first module on the list, the INSTANT you touched the
first resistor on the second module, you would destroy the settings
on the first module. You then would go to the third, the fourth, the
fifth module, etc. and if you went back to the first module, it would
be completely wrong !  You then started over, at the first module,
and like a dog chasing its tail, repeated the stupidity, but... getting
better and better results each time, but never, ever, getting all
modules to read 0.000000 volts ( I had very high quality electrical
meters that read to 6 decimal places ).  Of course everyone except
me knew that it was impossible to really "ZERO" the entire machine !
I stayed late at night, often until 3:00 am, going over page after page
of instructions, for a few weeks, until I did not need the 3 Ringed binder.

I started to " Just Know " the entire machine, and how each module
affected every other module. The machine worked on FREQUENCIES.
It produced a complex wave form that on the last module's output,
you could see on an OSCILLOSCOPE. This was the key. Each module
added a frequency on top of another frequency. Thus the final
waveform looked like a complex, jagged squiggly line. Eventually I
realized that when I turned the Oscilloscope setting to look at a tiny
section of this complex, jagged waveform, output, here and there
would be found "breaks" or "uncharacteristic" higher peaks and
valleys, that seemed out of place. By going back to the control
modules and turning the dozens of variable resistors, I could
look at these tiny sections of spikes or valleys, and eliminate them
one by one, all the while, looking at the output ( an "average" )
voltage of every single module. ( I had to go to many other laboratories
and borrow a large collection of meters ! ) Thus I did not concentrate
on "ONE" module, then proceed to the next, ( and destroy the
settings of the first one ! ), as was shown in the manual, but looked
at ALL the modules at the same time, and looked at the complex
waveform , FINAL output. Eventually, I got the FREQUENCIES to
create a "smoother", more "Harmonic" ( albeit jagged ) output on
the Final oscilloscope. Since the machine's output went to a
huge hydraulic control system with massive pressure pumps, you
could actually "HEAR" the complex frequencies make a resultant
musical note. When I had gotten every single single module to
read 0.000000 Volts, and the Oscilloscope showed a nice,
consistent waveform, the musical note sounded more melodic.

I reported that I had "ZEROED" the machine, and went on my way to
another Laboratory, on another project. A few weeks later, one of the
senior Technicians burst into the lab, and stated " The machine is
Zeroed! " Since I was busy on another project for weeks, I had no
idea what he was talking about. He repeated " The machine is
zeroed! " I asked what he was referring to - and he detailed the
machine. I said, "Yes, I zeroed the machine". He said, "Yes, but it's
ZERO !" Eventually I learned that no one, ever, in the history of
the machine, had ever zeroed it - including the manufacturer, who,
I learned, had flown in a technician to "CERTIFIY" the machines as
being " WITHIN SPECIFICATION". "Within Specification" was the
best that anyone had ever done, typically each value would read
0.0 volts +/- 0.016385 % or whatever - or, "CLOSE".  My machine
read 0.000000 volts throughout! I gather now, that my "TASK" of
"ZEROING" the machine- just before the expert flew in from the
factory, was to have been a "learning experience". It was - but not
what anyone expected. . .

Furthermore - at the other end of the room, was an IDENTICAL
MACHINE - that was the "baby" of the Senior Technician, and
he too, had "Zeroed" his machine ( within Specification ).

Here is the point - - -  Every single resistor, and capacitor and
transistor, etc., in every module, on these two "identical" machines was
DIFFERENT - each resistor had a value Plus or Minus 1% etc., . . .
Thus, even if you turned all the dials and controls on these
incredibly high quality, precision variable dials, to EXACTLY
THE SAME settings - the two machine would put out a completely
different WAVE FORM of complex FREQUENCIES !

(( At lunch, the Expert from the factory came over, sat down, and
asked how the Hell I got the machine to 0.000000 Volts ! ))

Back to John Hutchison. . .

One day, John went through a typical sequence of FREQUENCIES,
bombarding a test area with electromagnetic radiation from
the various generators. Nothing really happened, -- or so he thought,
and the local Vancouver (city) British Columbia ( province )
Canada ( country ) POLICE came in and took him outside in
handcuffs. Using the excuse of him having handguns in his
apartment ( which he collected and was never charged with anything )
the police kept him outside, while a BIG BLACK LIMOUSINE
pulled up and a group of men, each wearing identical black
outfits, and carrying Black briefcases, got out and went into
John's apartment. Eventually they came out, left, and the
POLICE, who really were just delaying for no reason, released
John. Inside, he was startled to find that the dishes were washed
and put away, the floors swept, and the whole place cleaned up!
((What -- Molly MAID from MIB ??? )).

 John found out that, in the apartment next to him, the toys in
the kids room were floating around the room ! The lady called
the Police, and the 24 hour surveillance team moved in -
What they wanted was the SETTINGS -- of course, back in
TEXAS, where they had assembled the identical machines that
John was using, and twiddled dials for weeks, NOTHING WORKED !

So when John absolutely produced an impossible scientific
result - they measured every single distance between every single
machine, and did a huge PHOTO SHOOT of every single
dial on every single machine...  ( which is why they cleaned
and tidied up everything - for the photographs )

Back in TEXAS, they carefully replicated every distance and every setting

- - - Which, if you read my adventure on "ZEROING" any complex
analog 1960's to 1970's machine, is the expected result !
-- - - Furthermore, John did not just "SET" each machine to " ONE"
setting, and watch the result - he constantly, from years of experimental
observation, CHANGED the frequencies in a specific pattern.
The final result that the Spooks ( M.I.B. -- Men In BLACK ) photographed,
was just the last step in a SEQUENCE that could take all day !

 -- Thus, when John got a sponsor in GERMANY, that would fund
further research, he packed up all his equipment, and headed for
GERMANY. However, his equipment never made it, and he discovered the
pansies in the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT had confiscated all his
equipment !

 -- back to the U.S. Military-Industrial complex in TEXAS. . .
-- on the internet, was a report of a new, young, Scientist, hired
in Texas. He was given a tour of the COMPLEX, and much to his
dissmay, in a huge, aircraft-Hanger sized building, he discovered,
in the middle, all by itself, all of John Hutchison's Equipment !
If you read any Scientific magazines or are on Science channels,
or on Science Websites on the internet - you can easily identify
John's Equipment from the interviews, photos, and videos of
his apartment.

 As I pointed out above, you can have two " IDENTICAL " machines,
and even if every single setting is " IDENTICAL " you will get
different output results.

-- So the obvious solution is to get the entire machine assembly that
you have achieved a specific result on. !   Then, and only then are
the readings of any value.
-- Second, you have to carefully go through every step in the SEQUENCE
of FREQUENCIES that John Used, to get the identical results...
 I would assume that the SPOOKS were carefully monitoring every
detail of his work that day -- and could go through the sequences
using his " ORIGINAL " equipment, until they got similar results...

John, being deliberately delayed by every ploy possible by the Canadian
Government, eventually got a CANADIAN SUPREME COURT JUDGE
to verify that the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT acted illegally, and that
they were ordered to RETURN his equipment. He had no idea that
his entire setup was being frantically tested 24 hours a day, by teams
of specialists in TEXAS ! He did, eventually get his property back,
but, after being in the hands of some of the most brilliant Military
designers in the world ( -- the people who actually designed and MADE
this type of equipment in the first place ) his "returned" equipment
did not function properly after that ! ( oh my, what a coincidence ! )

So what of his "HUTCHISON EFFECTS " ?
 Metal catching fire, metal dissappearing with holes appearing and
bending like melting plastic, lightning bolts of electricty snapping
around metal objects, solid masses of iron floating in the air . . etc. ?

Sure enough, in rather short order, we have the magical dissappearing
sections of the buildings in the so-called 911 "terrorist" attack.

I saw an interview with a Janitor from one tower, who said that on the
floor ABOVE where the supposed plane hit, there were no walls,
no desks, no offices at all - just huge black towers all over the
level, connected with thick black electrical cables. He thought they were
massive battery back-ups. Whatever.

As Judy Wood points out on her web site, everything below that floor
( with strange black towers ) all the way to the bottom 3 levels of the
twin towers, simply turned to NANO-PARTICLE " DUST" powder.

Bottom line, by stealing John Hutchison's equipment, the Spooks
figured out the HUTCHISON EFFECTS, and WEAPONIZED it.
As Judy points out - with this equipment and Hutchison EFFECT,
it is purely a matter of how much POWER ( the thick black cables )
you can put IN. If you had a big enough power source, you
could cut the EARTH in half - turning a slice into pure NANO-DUST

I would fear for John's safety, and do wonder why I have not heard
from him for a year or two . . . - he typically would be giving lectures on
a tour, somewhere - but - NADA. . .

ANYHOW - that's my " TAKE " on the Hutchison Effects.

One note that I could kick myself for - During a visit in 1990 - 1991 to
Vancouver, someone mentioned that I should REALLY talk to a
guy called Hutchison, who they knew, since he talked the same way
I did. I did not know about John at that time, and never went
out of my way to track him down. OUCH. That hurts. What a
hell of a missed opportunity !

corridor, and shortly after 911, where they brought in a constant flotilla
of dump trucks putting dirt on top of the massive piles of NANO_PARTICLE
dust, I saw hundreds of brand new, shiny trucks with a V shape bucket -
if you were driving behind them ( which I did ) you saw the bucket was
sloped straight on both sides to a point at the bottom where a two foot or
so wide belt stuck out of a trap door on the back. The driver could dump the
load of dirt, and never leave the cab, by driving over a trench, turning on the
conveyor belt, and have a buldozer quickly cover the trench. This
wagon-train of specialized trucks carried on 24 hours a day - sometimes 
a group would travel with a gasoline tanker in the middle to keep the
relay going. I figured they were carrying the highly dangerous
NANO_PARTICLE, Hutchison Effect, sub-atomic, dust from 911, but
one day there was an accident near Petawawa ( The military base )
that blocked the entire highway. Police re-routed traffic through the Military
testing site beside the highway - - a no-man Zone of extremely dangerous
unexploded bombs, grenades, rockets, etc. Then, I saw where the
trucks were going- back into the forbidden fields, to dump the contaminated
Hutchison Effect Nano-dust.  At the Russian Nuclear disaster site at
Chernobyl, the solution was to dump millions of tons of cement
and dirt on the reactor to simply smother and burry it - it is still highly
active and continuing to "burn" in a nuclear sense, today, but is
simply "burried". Same with the Hutchison Nano-Dust - it is still
as deadly, and it still contaminates anything it touches, but is simply
burried in long, thin lines, in deep trenches, to disperse the intensity.
" Only in Canada " you say?
NEW: In talking to general people in the PUBLIC, I realize that
the concept of "NUCLEAR" or "ATOMIC" particles
( which define this Atomic Age, or Nuclear Age of the
  1950's ) is NOT the Hutchison Effect particles - the
  NEW AGE we are in , is the age of SUB-ATOMIC
particles, or Hutchison Particles - the building blocks that
go together to MAKE the classic "ATOMS" that everyone
learned about in Chemistry and Physics of the PAST - from
1940's through to YESTERDAY. This new AGE deals with
the components of MATTER that are typically seen at
CERN CERN, the European Scientific Research Consortium,

 Working with the creation and destruction of SUB ATOMIC
 particles is an entirely new science, and produces results that
 have never been clearly "SEEN" before, nor well documented.
 While we are SMUG in creating the the ATOMIC "TABLES"
 of the elements, and can do wonderful new Science using this,
 there is need to create and entirely NEW set of RULES and
 TABLES of the SUB-ATOMIC particles, and the CHEMISTRY
 resulting from the interactions. As Tesla said, 'If you Understand
 FREQUENCY, you know the secrets of the Universe'
 The "foaming" complete dustification seen at the supposed
 "TERRORIST" site of the 9-11 buildings, where STEEL and
 concrete turned to Nano-Dust particles, DEMONSTRATES
 clearly some of the effects of disintegrating matter on a
 SUB-Atomic level.  There is ( WAS ) one, single, report
 that made it out through the MEDIA Censorship in the
 "Shock and AWE" military campaign under George BUSH.
 An Arab observer reported seeing a U.S. tank, unlike anything
 ever known, appearing at the end of a long, divided, city
 street. There was no Turret and gun like the other tanks, but
 a strange construction, - which produced a lightning-like
 effect - that turned everything on the entire length of the
 street either to DUST - including humans, - or to rusted
 and decayed hulks, such as the cars and buses. This
 single report of completely NEW and strange technology
 sounds exactly like the Hutchison Effects in action.
 The technology relies on FREQUENCY.
  An analogy to our current understanding of "MATTER"
  would be the finding of a clearly 'constructed' artifact on
  MARS. We could look at this structure with a Rover
  camera. The Rover could tap it, hit it, drill holes in it,
  make chemical samples, use a typical radioactive source
  to analyze what 'elements' it was made of, and then
  radio back the results. Eventually, we could send another
  Rover specifically to examine the "constructed" artifact.
  The Rover could shoot an explosive missle at the artifact
  to blow it up. Then the Rover could examine the pieces
  that scattered. It could then see what the artifact was
  made of. ( This is what we are doing in the Large HADRIDE
  COLLIDER - Blowing up matter to see what particles
  come out ). Then the Rover could examine the pieces,
  and find out what chemicals and elements were in each
  of the different pieces used to construct the 'artifact'.
  Then the Rover could use explosives to blow up each
  of the separate pieces, and see what the pieces were
  made of. ( This is what we are doing in the Colliders).
   Eventually, we could make a MODEL of the pieces, the
  sub-pieces, the sub-sub-pieces, and make a theory of
  of how the Martians used Sub-Sub-pieces to make
  sub-pieces, to make pieces, to make the Artifact. (This
  is what we are doing in Physics and Chemistry, in
  putting together MODELS of the table of ELEMENTS,
  and the charts of Sub-Atomic Particles, that make up
 "Matter", here on Earth). However, since we are not
 on MARS, and are just blowing up the Martian
 artifact, no matter what "MODEL" we come up with,
 we still cannot MAKE a single sub-sub-piece,
 to make a sub-piece, to make a piece, to make a
 Martian 'artifact'. All we can do is blow up the
 matter, and sit around making "MODELS" of what
 what we think the Martians are doing.
  Here on Earth, the IDENTICAL situation is
 happening. We cannot CONSTRUCT, BUILD,
 MAKE, or PUT TOGETHER any of the "MODEL"
 sub-atomic particles, to make particles ( atoms ),
 to make elements, to make MATTER. While
 students spend hours, days, weeks, months, years,
 and even lifetimes, in schools from kindergarten,
 memorizing Chemistry and Physics -- all of this
 is merely a MODEL of what we THINK is the
 most likely explanation for what we find when
 we blow the crap out of materials! -- just like we
 might blow the living daylights out of a
 Martian constructed artifact. NO DIFFERENCE.
 I have seen theories that have 11 dimensions of
 the Universe, 15, 8, etc., usually involved with
 String Theory. In our primitive " Blow the stuff up"
 view of the universe, such as Einstein's mathematics,
 there are only 4 dimensions. I doubt if any scientist
 still believes that there are only 4. The last time I
 looked at the ever-changing "best-guess", There
 were 11 dimensions. Wikipedia just CHANGED
 the number of dimensions to only 5 ! ! ! in an
 attempt to make 'humans' look less primative,
 and did not even mention that a dozen other
 theories exist! Wikipedia, although very valueable,
 was banned as a resource in Universities here in
 Canada, since it contained so much propaganda
 and false information. Then High-Schools banned
 it, and recently, even PUBLIC school children
 can not use it, since so many topics are deliberately
 edited, bowlderised, expurgated, obfuscated,
 sanitized, contorted, redacted, etc., by Government
 and Religious, Social, and Corporate "editors",
 that nothing stated can be taken at face value!
 At the rate that the United States is going
 BACKWARDS into the DARK AGES, and even
 parts of Canada, like ONTARIO, are being forced
 backwards into the stupidities of Ignorance and
 Superstitions of 400 years ago, Science may
 eventually de-volve into the Elements of "Earth,
 Water, Air and Fire". Asking questions will be
 banned. God forbids it! Wikipedia, and its 5
 dimensions will lead the way! Burn the text
 books! While, at the moment, everyone in the
 "free world" is horrified at the complete
 Government control of the internet in China,
 they completely ignore the massive F.B.I.
 computers installed at, which
 look at every single word of every single
 email - hundreds of millions a day, and report
 the contents to the government!  Welcome  to
 the "new age" of the Dark Ages! Earth plus
 Water equals MUD. Food grows in MUD.
 EAT. That is all you need to know. Any other
 information is forbidden by GOD ! Or as the
 Christian Luddittes said, when they heard that
 Orville and Wilbur Wright were making a
 flying machine - " If GOD wanted man to fly,
 HE would have given him wings!" Walk,
 dammit, WALK! Enough of this nonsense!
(( the day someone takes a handful of QUARKS,
and MAKES atomic particles, and uses the
atomic Particles to make "MATTER", and
uses the MATTER to make a pound of
a substance, and holds that substance in
their hand... I will be impressed.........))
























REGISTRANT          :            robin dusty graves



After a few changed email addresses, VERISON Corp, in the U.S.
purchased YAHOO.COM, and changed all the Computer Servers.
The new system kicked off all BLACKBERRY "QNX" Operating
System Cellphones, like the "CLASSIC" that I am using. This
should not be much of a problem, and the new Blackberries
already dumped QNX in favour of ANDROID - such as on my
Blackberry PRIV. The QNX Classic, which is wretchedly HACKED
and virus-infested, is supposed to be "Secure" - Blackberry
bought the QNX "FOR" its "SECURE" QNX. ! However the
QNX cellphone is the MOST hacked cellphone I have ever used!
Since few people USE a Blackberry, this should have little
consequence, HOWEVER, QNX runs the computers in
300 Million new cars, and is totally hacked to death. -- Which,
explains why I am looking for a 'new' car made between
1934 and 1964, which has NO electronics of any kind! As well,

any "old" car can get 200 miles a gallon using the Montreal
inventor, Charles POGUE , 's carburetor from 1930, and/or
Stanley Meyer's pure water engine from his work in California
from 1985 to 1994. The Pogue Carb was stolen and CLASSIFIED

for use in World War II tanks, and Meyer's 100% water
engine disappeared when he signed an agreement with the
U.S. military to convert Hummers. He died of a "heart-

attack" within hours of disclosing the frequency details to
the U.S. officials (Under George Bush, President, 3rd Generation
Texas OIL Billionaire ), and all information has been
redacted. And so it goes.
I do not expect my "new" email
or address or very much of anything to remain in effect
for any length of time !

  (( NOPE))(NEW)

( OLD) (( After 5 years of l

ogging in to see:
"There do not appear to be any other

OPEN SESSIONS", I now log in to
see " Would you like

to CLOSE all other OPEN SESSIONS" ! ? ))


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Because illegal hackers have decided to spam the name
" robin dusty graves"
or " robindustygraves "
I have decided to use the same tactics that they use, and load my
REAL web pages
with the key search words that would be used by search engines such as
Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc.

As it now stands, searches are re-directed illegally and maliciously
by spammers,
who create thousands of fake web pages, that Microsoft's;,
example, found and displayed - while at the same time, BING, in a
search for 4 or 5 months,
searching for 'robindustygraves' ! ! ! Go figure. (( This demonstrates the skill
of the hacker/spammers in targeting the algorithm software used by BING,

Yahoo, Google, Yandex, etc. BING and Google have changed their software,
and Yandex always had a different search engine, so that now more of the
valid search results show on the first pages - however, the spammer/hackers
are always working to catch up with the new technology ))
 The fake web pages re-direct to pornography, PAY-PER-CLICK websites, that
the spammers get paid a fraction of a penny for each person who
accidentally clicks on them,
and to pages where the SERVER is deliberately set up to spam with
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CLICK HERE to continue Scanning, and Remove the VIRUS" - If you
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fake VIRUS warning alerts, that demand Visa and Mastercard to remove-
If you are foolish
enough to actually GIVE your Visa or Mastercard, the information is
used to make illegal
purchases, AND the virus is NOT removed!
 Many fake web  re-directions take you to a page that appears to "LOAD"
for a long time
with an hour glass or "now loading" ICON, but, while that is happening,
your IP address,
your specific geo-loacation, your specific information on YOUR
computer, etc. is being
gathered, and by the time the fake web page actually loads, often
with a FAKE web
"SEARCH PAGE" ( Pay-per-click), your computer is already
compromised, and is
subject to further hacking from that point onwards...

Dusty Graves
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Real Science is a fascinating subject, unlike the decades of what was
taught in schools that
I endured, that tries to KILL every shred of imagination, of hope,
of possibility, and instead,
fills the time with memorizations of WHAT CAN NOT BE DONE!
Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light...
Nothing can get colder than absolute zero.
Matter can neither be created nor destroyed... etc etc.
(All wrong) Search "Richard Feynman", for a lecture on this!
Every now and then, there is an 'Educator" who is both
interested and (therefore)  interesting, who prevents the world from
sliding back into<
the dark ages!




With the String theory, and new discoveries of the last few years, we are
on the brink of
an entirely new era - and I can't wait to see what happens next! This is a
wondrous and
magical time, with the doors of science wide open again - and the view
is breathtaking!

 Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated by the
British writer
                Arthur C. Clarke. They are:

1/ When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible,

he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is

very probably wrong.

2/ The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture

a little way past them into the impossible.

3/ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

(thanks to wikipedia)



have fun


Robin Dusty Graves


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DND_KEY_LOCK A look at typical HOME security and
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     NEW :  FEBRUARY, 2019

     DELIBERATELY MANUFACTURED Flaws, Hidden Back-Doors,
     Secret Master Keys, Defects, etc., in ALL typical locks sold in
     North America.


     In Canadian common SLANG, " B AND E" stands for the hourly
     BREAK AND ENTER crime that happens in every location
     from sea to shining sea, across the Nation.
     This will be an on - going look at the HORRID state of affairs of
     so-called "LOCKS" and Security, commonly used all over North
     America. Simply put, ANY locking system in North America is
     deliberately manufactured with well known flaws, exploits, tricks,
     secrets, etc., so that anyone who BOTHERS to type into Google
     can get over 1 Billion pages of "HOW TO OPEN ANY LOCK"-
     and, really, . . . . you actually CAN DO SO !

     This website will be constantly updated as I tear apart locks and
     take photographs of the deliberately manufactured FLAWS in
     typical locks. Horrifying and Shocking. . . . . Any 10 year old kid
     with 2 cheap "bump" keys, a pop-can, and the "Bump-proof"
     Secret MASTER key that all locksmiths and crooks have,
     can open almost any lock in your city!

                   Talk about "Latch Key Kid" !
 is a page about
     one of my first ROBOT models, used to interface
     to a typical (in order of manufacture)
     8086, 8088, 80186, 80188, 80286, 80386
    type of computer that was thrown out by
    the millions.
GOOGLE was very simply designed
    with few parts, and few wired connections,
    to test the INTERFACE to the typical 80186
    computer I was using.  Since thieves here
    in Ottawa stole my 2 Desktop computers,
    adding information on this robot, will be
    slow and sporadic! Stay tuned ! There will
     be many pages detailing GOOGLE_MAPS,
    and GOOGLE_TRANSLATE, as well as the
    robot GOOGLE itself.
    This motherboard uses the INTEL 80186
    which hundreds of HIGH-END manufacturers
    produced. These were more expensive
    and powerful than the typical home computer.
    Kids and inexperienced Computer people
    will tell you that there is no such thing as
     an IBM type 80-186 computer ! ( weren't
    there, didn't see it, didn't do it !  lol )
     I still HAVE this motherboard. Luckily, it
    was not in storage where over a hundred
    old computers were stolen by thieves. . .








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Otis McDonald gained
International attention
by winning a U.S. Supreme
Court case which ended laws
that had been in effect
since the days of SLAVERY.




So far, this winter, I am NOT far enough South... Just as the weather got warm,
and the roads were dry, we got a huge snowfall, that lasted days! After shoveling
snow for a few hours I built a 7- foot snowman, that says it all!



As usual, I am stuck in "CANADA", the great white North, where
every factory I have known has shut down... Recent Government/
Corporate policies, have every scrap of technology shutting down,
and being boxed up for shipping to CHINA, where the same
"unprofitable" factory, is running tripple shifts! Canada is
becoming a " 3rd World " country, if it does not already
deserve that status .... Products "could" be made here, but
the few remaining Engineering and Machining Corporations are
back-logged and ridiculously expensive. WAY, way, back in 1985,
a group of us tried to make, and market a small plastic
automobile device. The quote for the empty BOX, with colourful
printing, and a clear plastic display window, here in Canada was
over $6.00, The plastic injection mold halves were $60,000 with
a 6 month turnover... If there were any adjustments needed on
the molds, it would be another 6 months, and cost 10's of thousands...
We sent a prototype ( an early version, complete with many known flaws! )
to HONG KONG, and the quote was $500 for the machine molds
and 5 weeks. Adjustments were FREE, and made in a week or two...!
We got bogged down with world wide PATENTS, and to our dismay
and amusement, we discovered our 'prototype' in novelty stores,
only a few months later, shipped from Hong Kong, with the address
of a company in Great Britain! (SEE the upcoming, VANCOUVER THIEVES ! ,
which will be a huge folder when finished..) It was copied exactly
as we sent it - complete with flaws!... In a colourful box with a cellophane
window... For about the price of the empty box in Canada!

Oh Canada!

Anyhow, I have got to get dressed to go outside. I have to get some "Canadian" food for dinner...

The comment above, was added to the web January 23rd, 2012, just in time for the end of the world ( Mayan Calendar ) .

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Real Science is a fascinating subject, unlike the decades of what
was typically taught in schools that I endured, that tries to KILL
every shred of imagination, of hope, of possibility, and instead,
fills the time with memorizations of WHAT CAN NOT BE DONE!

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light...

Nothing can get colder than absolute zero.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed... etc etc.

( All wrong! search Richard Feynman, for a lecture on this! )

There are always a handful of educators, scattered here and there,
who is interested and therefore interesting, and who keep
mankind from falling back into the Dark AGES !

With the String theory, and new discoveries of the last few years,
we are on the brink of an entirely new era - and I can't wait to see
what happens next! This is a wondrous and magical time, with the
doors of science wide open again - and the view is breathtaking!

**Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated
by the British writer                Arthur C. Clarke. They are:

1/ When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something
is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something
is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

2/ The only way of discovering the limits of the possible
is to venture a little way past them  into the impossible.

3/ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

(thanks to wikipedia)

have fun


Robin Dusty Graves


( Life, is an experiment, please don't destroy the Lab!
-- robindustygraves -- )



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ABOVE : A gratuitous offering to the MCP

Neanderthals that attack BIRD_BRAINZ !

Ironically, they will agree with every word !

Yes, Dorothy, Dinosaurs DO exist !   lol





NEW : June 8th 2020
I was looking at the riots and turmoil in the
UNITED STATES over white vs. black
issues a few days ago, and thought that
there REALLY should be a T-SHIRT that
demarcates many individuals. Here is my
new design - never seen before !

ABOVE: while there are "SWAT"
"POLICE", SECURITY, etc., printed
everywhere, NO ONE yet has
worn the clear message :
lol - order yours today!
just invented 3 days ago!
robin dusty graves
(( after I made the T shirt design, I
emailed Jay Pharoah. I figure he
could use the design in follow up
entertainment routines !